Tuesday, April 10, 2012

VB Hair Transformation since 1997

 Aku mmg peminat VB ni sejak dari group Spice Girls lg..even mak aku kutuk2 kata die hodoh & DB buta sbb kahwin dgn die..aku ttp minat kat die....
Victoria is the one of celebrities yg look better with medium & short hair

1997 : The Longer Bob (cute)

1998 - 2005 : Trying too hard to look alike fiancee (now hubby) DBeckham

2006 : Trying to look feminine but end up looking like a drag queen

2009 : She invented the POB (Posh Bob) the made it as statement haircut all over the world....even myself had gone crazy for this cut

 2010 : Maybe got tired with the POB do, she chopped it a little shorter & yet again it has became one of popular haircut in the world

2011 : After having several bad hair days, she opted the pixie haircut which look cute on her.

 2011 : Lookin softer with tousled hair

2012 : She now knows how to manage longer mane

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